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Adobe Edge Reflow CC Master Class

Learn to build professional RWD CSS3 media queries with simple drag and drop techniques

Adobe Edge Reflow CC Master Class
About the Course
Welcome to my step-by-step course on Adobe Edge Review CC. I will share with you my production techniques to create prototype mobile-first responsive web design layouts. You can use Edge Reflow CC to create a working responsive comp or build CSS3 media queries and responsive design layouts to edit inside an HTML editor like Adobe Dreamweaver CC.My courses have 3 paramount goals:1) To teach you how the software thinks.2) To share with you my time-saving production techniques.3) To provide a marketable software skill set that will earn you top dollar in this very in-demand job market. PLEASE NOTE: All my online training courses on this learning portal adobeknowhow.com are all on-going courses, which means I will continue to update new videos and new production techniques every 4-6 weeks. So check back often for new skills to learn and earn from. You can access all my courses on print, motion, responsive web design and motion graphics here - http://bit.ly/tlepromo.
About the Author
Think Learn Earn
Welcome to this exciting learning portal by Adobe.com aka Adobe Know How - I love to teach and share with others my power user production techniques, based on my 29 years of teaching Apple software and 29 years - since 1987 of professional Adobe software master skills.I make learning very simple and enjoyable... I get you to 100% THINK they way the software THINKS - My proven training method will make you a more productive user of the software. Learn how to work smart and allow the software to do all the "heavy lifting" for you. Think! Learn! Earn! - Carpe Diem - Robert Farrell
Chapter List
Duration:  1 hours 20 minutes
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