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EasyDSLR Advanced Photography Course

Go beyond the Basics with Creative Scenarios, Image Editing and HD Video using your DSLR camera

EasyDSLR Advanced Photography Course
About the Course
Go beyond the Basics with your DSLR camera. This course builds on the basics in the EasyDSLR Beginners Photography Course (recommended before taking this course) and takes your photography further into Creative Scenarios like; Better Portraits, Night Photos, Nature (including Sunsets), Macro Photos, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging, and Time Lapse (those cool videos where 12 hours happen over a few seconds). This course also includes a Chapter on Image Editing (including Adobe Photoshop tips and dealing with RAW files) and a Chapter on HD Video using your DSLR Camera. DSLR Cameras (since the Canon 5D Mark II) have revolutionized the independent film industry by bringing amazing cinematic quality video in an affordable option. This is essentially 3 Courses in One: Creative Topics, Editing and HD VIdeo.
About the Author
Kenneth Schultz
Ken is the creator of the EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course. Ken setup a blog on digital photography in December 2010 and helped hundreds of new DSLR buyers with an eBook, "Digital SLR Buyer's Guide." After many questions from new DSLR buyers, Ken realized that a Basic DSLR course was needed to fill the gaps in photography knowledge required to get great photos with a DSLR. After 8 months of production, EasyDSLR was launched (September 2011).

This course condenses 30 years of Ken's photojournalism and his in-the-field experience capturing images of international travel, ocean life through his career as a marine biologist and as a professional wedding photographer into a layman's course for photography newcomers. It's not for Professionals but rather for those with minimal background in photography or those making the transition from film SLR cameras to Digital SLR cameras.

Ken's "in the trenches" background gives him a unique perspective enabling him to explain photographic principles in simple terms. Photography is an Art as well as being technical. Ken's talent is being able to educate and inspire without overloading the viewer with too much technical jargon.

Ken's BLOG http://DigitalPhotoCentral.com

More information about the Course http://EasyDSLR.com
Chapter List
Duration:  6 hours 16 minutes
By: Charlene Hewitt
Course is really informative and is presented in a fashion even I can understand and use. I agree with previous comment, I cannot access the resources that Ken refers to at the end of the "Get Creative" chapter.

By: Stanley Fujiyama
great course: subject matter presented in an easy to understand format, with clear explanations and illustrated results. problem: no way to access the resources

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