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EasyDSLR Beginners Photography Course

Learn to get off AUTO and take dramatically better photos with your DSLR

EasyDSLR Beginners Photography Course
About the Course
This is course is designed to help DSLR learn the basics required to move off AUTO and get dramatically better photos. The thought of moving off AUTO may be a little daunting. To really get creative control over your photos you need some basic photography principles - it's not 'rocket science' but it is Essential. This course will get you into the creative modes of your camera and on the road to amazing photos. I use my 'secret weapon' the Photo Triangle to give you an overview of the photography principles and settings you need to learn and how they are connected. This 'MAP' will give you a clear direction to understanding the core principles needed for better photos.Over 4 Hours Training.
About the Author
Kenneth Schultz
Ken is the creator of the EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course. Ken setup a blog on digital photography in December 2010 and helped hundreds of new DSLR buyers with an eBook, "Digital SLR Buyer's Guide." After many questions from new DSLR buyers, Ken realized that a Basic DSLR course was needed to fill the gaps in photography knowledge required to get great photos with a DSLR. After 8 months of production, EasyDSLR was launched (September 2011).

This course condenses 30 years of Ken's photojournalism and his in-the-field experience capturing images of international travel, ocean life through his career as a marine biologist and as a professional wedding photographer into a layman's course for photography newcomers. It's not for Professionals but rather for those with minimal background in photography or those making the transition from film SLR cameras to Digital SLR cameras.

Ken's "in the trenches" background gives him a unique perspective enabling him to explain photographic principles in simple terms. Photography is an Art as well as being technical. Ken's talent is being able to educate and inspire without overloading the viewer with too much technical jargon.

Ken's BLOG http://DigitalPhotoCentral.com

More information about the Course http://EasyDSLR.com
Chapter List
Duration:  4 hours 9 minutes
By: Tara Sumner
I don't have any technical jargon to spew as to why I enjoyed the course, but it was definitely a huge help. Going from someone who knew how to turn the camera on and put it on the "auto" setting and take pictures like that, to someone who almost exclusively uses manual mode is a huge leap for me. Thank you very much for this. Finally getting my moneys worth out of this camera.

By: Matteo Nicolotti
A really good introductory course, unfortunately there is not many "tricks" to do some good shots for the beginners. I felt like every course should have an exercise suggestion at the end to pratice the theory.

By: florentin vodă
Very nice course! I was an absolute outsider, and I needed some introduction to photography with a DSLR because I want to buy one to start shooting photos for my visual library as a Designer... so this course ? GREAT!!! I learned a lot and I understand now the basics. Thanks!!!

By: Kate Lawley
Did not keep me interested at all. This is very outdated and the narrarter takes way too long to get to his points.

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