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Manage email, time and contacts using Microsoft Outlook 2010

Save time and become more organized with better work methods and more effective use of Microsoft Outlook 2010

Manage email, time and contacts using Microsoft Outlook 2010
About the Course
Do you wish you could save time by managing your email more effectively? Do you wish you could become more organized and keep better track of all your appointments and the things you need to do? Would you like to learn from a business productivity expert how to get the most of Microsoft Outlook 2010 to manage your email, calendar, tasks and contacts more effectively? If so, this is the course for you!In this course you will learn methods for how to take control of your email. You will learn how to use the powerful tools in Microsoft Outlook 2010 to clean up your inbox and how to save time by automating manual tasks. You will learn how to manage your calendar and how to stay on top of your tasks. Finally you will learn how to connect Microsoft Outlook 2010 to social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook to stay in the loop of what is going on with the people in your network.Instead of learning how to use Microsoft Outlook 2010 feature by feature, you will see how Microsoft Outlook 2010 is used in real life by productivity expert Ulrika Hedlund.
About the Author
Ulrika Hedlund
Ulrika Hedlund is a Business Productivity Expert and Microsoft Certified Trainer. She has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and an Executive MBA from London Business School. After working for Microsoft for more than a decade she resigned and founded Business Productivity. With Business Productivity, she aims to reach out to business professionals worldwide and share her experience in how to use technology more effectively to help them increase their productivity.
Chapter List
Duration:  1 hours 23 minutes
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