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Mobile App Development

Create 10 Mobile Apps while Learning the Art of HTML5 Mobile Development

Mobile App Development
About the Course
So you want to be a Mobile App Developer?

With Ten Apps in Ten Weeks you will learn how to build Ten Different Apps in Ten weeks. Each app is unique and while building it you'll learn a unique and important skill set used by professional app developers every day. Each app includes full source code, step-by-step building tutorial, and any needed video, music and graphic assets.

You'll build all of these apps:

The Sound of Muzik: A fully-featured MP3 Player
Chuck Norris Joke Generator: Chuck Norris jokes at the click of a button
Philly Trains: When are the next trains coming? (Philly Transit System)
Current Weather: What's the weather like where you are?
Weather Forecaster: What's the Weather Forecast?
Where Am I: Show me a map of where I am standing right now!
I'm Hungry! I'm Hungry: What restaurants are Close to me?
Scout Compass: Scouts Never leaves Home without their trusty compass!
Whack-a-Mole Game: Whack the mole. Hilarity ensues.
Bat Hunt: Kill the Bats before you run out of time.

While creating these apps you'll learn skills like media control, web service consumption, XML and JSON parson, jQuery Mobile, Google Maps™, Google Places API™, geolocation, gaming techniques and much, much more.

Forget choosing Android, iOS or Kindle... These apps can easily be deployed to all three of the largest app stores and we'll show you how.

Upon course release you'll have access to all 10 Weeks of the course and all the apps, tutorials, videos and other content.

There is simply no better way to learn mobile app development.

Included with this bundle is our full course HTML5 Mobile App Development. This course will comprehensively cover HTML5 mobile app development from top to bottom. You'll be able to do the following after this course:

• Set up your app development studio with tools of the trade.
• Test Your app on virtual and actual mobile devices
• Write appropriate HTML5 for mobile
• Use CSS3 to create stunning mobile user interfaces
• Understand the "10 Foot Experience" (Mobile apps on your TV)
• Use web services (like Google APIs™)
• Parse XML and JSON content
• Store data on the device
• Create apps that work offline
• Integrate audio and video and control media playback
• Use geolocation services and Google Maps™
• Work with the device accelerometer hardware
• Use jQuery Mobile controls and styling
• Use a devices internal storage system
• Work with device contacts
• Work with device notifications
• Understand in-app purchasing
• Place your finished app in the app store

You'll start by immediately become a developer in one (or more) of the three largest app stores so you can have a place to distribute (or sell) apps that you develop.

This course is a great complement to 10 Apps in 10 Weeks and will help you fully understand the mobile app development process.
About the Author
LearnToProgram Media Inc.
LearnToProgram Media is a leading publisher of web, mobile, and game development courses that are used by over 200,000 people in 81 countries. LearnToProgram's valuable network of technical resources includes content on YouTube, iTunes, and Roku, as well as books, free tutorials, and online courses. The company is based outside of Hartford, Connecticut.
Chapter List
Duration:  9 hours 39 minutes
Create a Transit System Schedule App
19  min
Create a Restaurant Finder App
13  min
By: Dustin Tosh
This site is awful and has taught me nothing I can use to achieve anything useful. They explain that there is a pdf that shows a step by step how to that is useful in teaching you the skills you needs to know to create an app, but doesn't tell you where to get it. The videos are to short out of focus and hard to follow. This was a waste of money and a joke.

By: Asim Irshad
i dont know why i wasted my money on this shit. that instructor does not explain where to start what to start, what are the requirements, what students needs to do.. welcome to week1 lol. peace of shit

By: Cats Ong
Don't buy this course not good. What he does is compile copy paste courses and sell it to you that made him an entrepreneur! Goto RayWenderlich.com and these guys are really deeply technical that will rock your curiosity. Start with their free Apprentice and patiently move on from there.

By: Oscar Amos
This was by far the worst online trainings I have tried. No of the lab files worked and it was near impossible to see the instruction (even after I streamed it on my 50" TV). I am glad I did not pay full price and plan on asking for my money back.

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