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Night Photography Unlocked

Stop taking blurry photos with night photography tips. Exploit the creative possibilities after dark.

Night Photography Unlocked
About the Course
Photographing at night opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Typically, shooting at night means shooting in low light, which can be a real challenge. Endless blurry party photos on facebook, or faces nuked by flash are proof of that. But believe it or not, anyone can improve their night photos, and you don't necessarily need a fancy camera to do so. Just a few amazing night photography tips can do the trick for you. Not only that, but the creative possibilities you get after the sun goes down are huge! Not as many people take photos at night, so you have the opportunity to take unique, eye-catching photos that will wow your friends after taking this night photography tutorial.What night photography tips will you learn?

The main problems you face when taking photos at night.The camera settings you need to understand to take great night photos.
How different types of cameras perform at night.
Getting the most out of your camera.
Getting creative with night photography.
Processing photos taken at night.Course content and goals: More than 20 lectures and 4 hours of content!
To give you the tools and knowledge you need to take control over how your night photos look.
To give you the confidence to get good photos at night.
To show you how to unlock the creative potential of night photography.
To get you thinking about the huge creative potential of night photography beyond what you learn here, and set you up for more advanced techniques in the advanced course.
About the Author
Neil Creek
Neil Creek is as passionate about taking photos as he is teaching people how to do it. Having written 3 best selling photography ebooks - the Photo Nuts series, published by Digital Photography School, Neil takes students from understanding the basics of the camera to becoming a better photographer.

Neil has been described as having an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teaching style, creating an excellent learning experience for students.

His experience in photography spans many areas including portraiture, landscape, commercial and panoramas. He specialises in off-camera lighting techniques and loves pushing the boundaries to create extraordinary images. He has run a number of portrait photography courses to students wanting to expand their skills in these areas.

Neil's passion for the night sky started as a teenager and continues today, with him assisting in running night sky photography courses in the Australian bush. Neil has honed his photography skills in this area, capturing amazing images of the stars, which regularly sell to people around the world.

His work has been exhibited at the World Trade Centre in Melbourne and he has been published many times in international publications.
Chapter List
Duration:  3 hours 52 minutes
By: Pete Hernandez
This course is very detailed and informed. Useful tips and lessons for all levels of knowledge. Enjoyed every lesson and look forward to watching more!!

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