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The Absolute Beginners Guide to Flash Photography

Learn to Master Flash Photography in this 4 hour course

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Flash Photography
About the Course
You have probably heard; "There is no Photography without light!" Light is all around us, but not always where or when we need it. Fortunately, the electronic flash is always there whenever that need arises. But today's flashes are so technically advanced that even pros find them intimidating! Have you ever said to yourself: "I hate my flash….Help!" I have heard it many times and I will no doubt here it again. Today's flash units are very sophisticated electronic devices and it is no wonder photographers are baffled. However, with an understanding of terminology and the amazing features of today’s flashes, your flash unit can quickly become your new best friend. While trying to understand how your flash works you may have heard terms like FP, TTL, EC, FEC, or flash fill, flash key, wireless flash, bounce flash, rear curtain, and more. What do they all mean? In this course, we will take a step by step approach to demystifying all those and a whole lot more. We’ll start by looking at light and how it works in photography followed by the flash unit and all its features. By the end of the first few lessons you will know exactly what those buttons and readouts mean. This course then takes you into applying the flash in a variety of situations like frontal flash, backlighting, side lighting, and ambient light. You will learn how to obtain perfect flash exposure, how to mix flash with outdoor light, how to work with the flash off-camera, and to modify the light. This course has been designed to answer all those nagging questions and advance you from flash novice to flash expert and quickly. All the basics are covered from light and flash theories; to using flash on camera and off; understanding the power of your flash and how to apply it; shutters and f/stop and their effects on flash; flash modes such as TTL, Auto, and Manual; bounce vs. direct flash; diffused flash, and a few surprise techniques thrown in for fun.
About the Author
Charlie Borland
Charlie Borland has been a commercial photographer for over 25 years. Based in Oregon, he has shot for a wide range of clients, some of which include: Xerox, NW Airlines, Fujitsu, Tektronix, Nike, Blue Cross, Nationsbank, Precision Castpart’s Corp., Mentor Graphics, Texas Instruments, Pacificorp, Cellular One, Sequent Computer, Early Winters, Cascade Bancorp, and AGC. He has won numerous awards for his photography and received recognition for annual reports he has photographed.
His imagery has been used thousands of times worldwide, including: National Geographic Adventure and Traveler, Outside, Women's Sport and Fitness, Newsweek, TV Guide, CIO, Sports Illustrated for Women, Time, Backpacker, Sunset, American Photo, Outdoor Photographer, Eco Traveler, Southern Bell, to name a few.

Charlie teaches photography online and on location and and publishes the web magazine www.pronaturephotographer.com. You can see his work at www.borlandphoto.com
Chapter List
Duration:  3 hours 38 minutes
By: Tom Preston
The information in this course is spot on. The presentation seriously detracts from the contact--so much so that the presentation reduces the course's usefulness. Most of the course is presented as a video conversion of computer pdf files. It's kind of like putting a book on TV, page by page. You have to read it and you have to pause each page because the video is set to go to a new page after eight seconds. That's not enough time to read and absorb the material on the page. The few portions of the course that are narrated are much better. All in all, the course would be better if it were a book. The problem is that as I write this, one of Mr. Borland's books is for sale at Amazon.com in its kindle edition for $3.99 and this course lists for almost $100. I'm very glad I bought the course as part of a bundle and on sale.

By: Marco Crisari
The most useless thing you can ever do is to convert a PDF document into a video. It is very boring to follow, you need to pause each slide and read it, why not just reading a PDF directly? Plus, the text is full of mistakes and often doesn't make sense at all. Finally there are tons of repetitions all over the "course", the same concepts are repeated over and over. Very very disappointing.

By: Roz Rosario
Useful info, but if I wanted to read about flash I'd buy a book at half the price, hardcover.

By: Valentina Pellitteri
Seriously? A PDF Slide Converted to Video??? Very disappointing.

By: Chris Jordan
Ditto what everyone else is writing: this course is mostly comprised of text-heavy PDF slides that have been converted to video. It's not interactive. It's boring. I expected all-video format. Secondly: I'm sure the author knows his stuff. His explanations, though boring to click through slide after still slide, are thorough and clear. BUT the example photos provided aren't the greatest. I see no evidence of real creativity or artistry. I might as well be looking at my great aunt edna's family photos that just happened to be taken with a flash.

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