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The Complete Wedding Photography Course

Learn exactly how to become a wedding photographer, make a ton of money & take better photos from a photography expert.

The Complete Wedding Photography Course
About the Course
You're a photographer and you want to make money from your hobby and passion. Does this sound like you? If it does, have you ever thought about doing wedding photography?

Average wedding photographer's make over $3,000 per wedding. Great photographers can make $10,000+ per wedding. And money isn't the only reason to be a wedding photographer. It is an important job that helps capture a beautiful day and preserve memories for a lifetime.

If you're interested in using your photo skills to make people happy (and make money), this is a great course for you!

Here are just some of the things you'll be learning in this course:

Setting up your wedding photography business
Creating a brand, website, and portfolio
Putting together wedding photography packages and pricing them to make sales
Getting your first clients
Putting together an awesome equipment kit for shooting weddings
Knowing exactly what goes on during a typical wedding day and how to navigate it
Shooting beautiful photos of every moment (with a walk-through of two entire weddings)
Posing and interacting with couples (with a live demonstration of 5 basic poses)
Editing photos to make them look amazing in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
Succeeding with your business and being a happy photographer
much, much, more!

Why is this the course that will make you successful?

Taking online courses isn't easy. It takes work and action. This course will help you succeed by giving you concrete action items. If you follow everything that we ask of you, we promise that you'll have a wedding photography business up and running by the end of the course.

Are you ready to be successful?

Are you ready to make money doing what you love (photography)?

Are you ready to be happier because you have a flexible work schedule?

Enroll now to get going!
About the Author
Phil Ebiner
My passion is inspiring people through online courses. I've been making videos since I was a young child, and do it professionally now as a video producer at UC Berkeley. I've created (produced, shot, edited) hundreds of videos over the past five years. Now it is time to teach you!

What would you like to learn? Would you like to learn motion graphics in After Effects? Would you like to learn how to shoot & edit videos like a pro? Would you like to take better photographs? Would you like to make money teaching online courses like I do? Would you like to design better presentations, create a great resume, colorize black & white photographs, brew beer, adopt a cat, edit photos in Lightroom, launch a freelance career?

If any of these topics sparked your interest, you're in luck! I have courses on these topics, and many more! Check them out, and enroll today!
Chapter List
Duration:  3 hours 4 minutes
Editing Wedding Photos
02  min
By: Abbady Abbady
It was wonderful fast information, thank you

By: Taylor Plant
There is no actual chapter on "Editing Wedding Photos." There is only the introduction and recap of the chapter.

By: Dominik Vock
Not really worth the money. I got to admit I am fairly disappointed of this tutorial. As already mentioned, a whole section of this course is missing, taking the price into account this is not a fair treat. The Content itself also didn't add a lot for someone who is already familiar with some photography and group shots. There are only little suggestions for possible posed shots of the wedding couple in the first sections of the course. Later on, the course targets the "reporter" style, taking photos without a lot of involvement of the wedding participants. If you know how to do simple portrait photography, this course won't give you a lot. If you are new to photography, the content might be too shallow for learning what to take care about when doing portrait shots. Also the sections about setting up your business is rather shallow, giving you a brief overview of the obvious without lots of details. Thus, all in all, there could have been much more to it. Some of the photos and poses shown were nice, thus, without the missing chapter I would give it 3 stars. Yet, for many of the presented shots and poses, I were not really able to distinguish between professional photography and hobby photography. Especially the fact of using exposure times above 1/30s of a second for not-posed portrait photography seemed to me rather unusual as motion-blur can and does easily occur.

By: Joshua Nowitz
Overall the course was a disappointment. The course spends too much time on intro and recap sections, which are redundant and boring. More time should have been spent discussing camera settings and lighting (more technical info! less fluff please). The editing section only contains intro and recap, and is missing the actual content- wow. One of the biggest challenges in weddings is shooting group photos and getting everyone in focus. This isn't even discussed.

By: Jeffrey Wakanno
There is only one reason why i give a 2 star score and thats because an entire section is missing. Otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars, but that wouldn't be fair to new costumers. It kinda gives a feeling of being cheated on when there is a part missing. So if you don;t really care about editing the pictures then this is the course for you, but if you really want to know how to edit your pictures, dont get it and look further. I hope you guys add the missing section so i can give you a 5 star rating.

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