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What's New - Adobe Captivate 8

Reimagine eLearning in a Multi-device World. For Beginners and Experienced Users. Certificate of Completion now available.

What's New - Adobe Captivate 8
About the Course
This course takes you through the new features and enhancements available with Adobe Captivate 8, the industry leading software for creating eLearning content.The marquee feature of Captivate 8 is the ability for eLearning professionals to create responsive learning without any programming required. In this course, you will learn to do the essentials of eLearning with tutorials on Software Simulations, PowerPoint-based content, Quizzes and Drag-and-Drop interactions.The course then takes a thorough look at responsive design - with tutorials on design overview, smart position, responsive themes, responsive quizzes and responsive themes.In addition, you can now learn how to use gestures and GPS to build customized and location aware content with Adobe Captivate 8.You can also learn to import HTML5 animations natively, remove annoying pop-ups from your simulations, new interactions (memory game and an accelerometer-based game).Experienced users will find the Common Javascript Interface very handy to unify their HTML5 and SWF outputs.
About the Author
Dr. Pooja Jaisingh
Pooja Jaisingh has worked for more than 12 years as a Teacher, Trainer, eLearning Instructional Designer and currently, as an eLearning Evangelist with Adobe Systems. Pooja's core strengths are communication and innovation. In all her roles, she has promoted eLearning as a mode of delivery and has created a host of eLearning courses. In her current role she conducts numerous seminars and workshops, educating training folks on the features of Adobe Systems' eLearning products. She regularly blogs, initiating creative discussions on multiple opportunities in eLearning. Pooja holds a Master's in Education and Economics and a Doctorate in Educational Technology.
Chapter List
Duration:  1 hours 57 minutes
By: Ghazouan Sabh
Thank you for your hard work, but Dr, Pooja as eLearning meant me speaking slow, please slow down when you are talking, you will have your video the best in the market if you just slow down and please use full stop take deep breathe, just like you reading in english.

By: maarten kouwenhoven
The didactical quality of these instructions are not a selling point for Adobe.

By: Sandeep Rawat
This is really helpful course to upgrade yourself with the latest version :-)

By: Christine Moore
Really good, so helpful!

By: Charlene Boyd
Thanks so much. Good stuff.

By: Jim Gutenkauf
For a course about using a tool to create eLearning, I expected an eLearning course. This is nothing more than a series videos. I can't even fast forward through the boring parts.

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