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What's New in Adobe Captivate 9

Create any kind of eLearning end-to-end. For any device.

What's New in Adobe Captivate 9
About the Course
With new Adobe Captivate 9, go seamlessly from storyboarding to responsive eLearning design. Dip into the exclusive 25,000+ asset store to enrich your content. Create amazing courses that run seamlessly across desktops and mobile.

It’s truly one tool, with infinite possibilities. And now with the addition of Adobe Captivate Draft, a brand new storyboarding iPad app, your eLearning course creation process is going to be absolutely seamless.

Adobe Captivate Draft - This storyboarding tool came to life, as we realized how difficult it is to start storyboarding in a different tool, and later build the course using an eLearning authoring tool, from scratch. It’s not the best use of time, resources, and effort with our ever-busy schedules. So, here comes, Adobe Captivate Draft, to help you storyboard your eLearning course with realistic eLearning objects, question slides, and branching abilities. It will also help you share the storyboard with your colleagues and customers for review, with a single-click option. You can send and receive review comments and doodles in real-time, making the review process quick. You can then implement the review comments to finalize the storyboard and then open it in Adobe Captivate 9, to convert it to a full-fledged eLearning course. Easy, isn’t it?

Geek Street - And the excitement doesn’t stop here. We’ve added a ton of beautiful enhancements in Captivate to ease your workflow for building interactions, questions, and animations. One of the example feature is the ability to convert any object in Captivate to a multi-state object. These objects will help you eliminate the use of advanced actions for building a lot of simple interactions and unclutter your project timeline.

I’ve been playing around with this feature since the last few weeks and absolutely love it. In this course, I’ve experimented with using multi-state objects with drag and drop interactions, question slides, interactions, videos, and effects.

Responsive eLearning - We’ve also made some cool new enhancements to the responsive projects to make it more powerful for you. You can now have up to five breakpoints for your responsive projects, import SVGs and roundtrip with Adobe Illustrator CC for quick edits. You can also restrict learners from accessing courses in landscape mode, if you wish to; and disable gesture navigation for interactive or branched slides. You will also be able to apply motion path effects to your responsive courses. These motion paths are responsive too and flow well across breakpoints. And for your geo-location enabled courses, you can trigger a project level geo-location action and emulate locations during preview to effectively test your geo-location projects. Watch the detailed videos included in this course.

This course will also cover how to:

- Directly publish your Adobe Captivate 9 courses to the brand new Adobe Captivate Prime.
- Record your iOS device screen as a full resolution HD video using the Device Capture feature. (For Mac only)
- Add knowledge check questions to your Captivate courses, which will not interfere with your quiz score and LMS reporting.
- Directly preview your content on SCORM Cloud to assess LMS compatibility without the hassle of uploading the content to your LMS for testing.
- Experience the revamped effects workflow with easy mechanism to apply and preview effects.
- Many additions and enhancements.

And you guessed it right! I’ve saved the goodies for the end :)

Asset Store - With Adobe Captivate 9, you get free access to a library of 25,000+ eLearning assets, which include games, interactions, layouts, scenarios, people cutouts, and much more, to dress up your courses. The library of assets is developed exclusively for Adobe Captivate 9 users, and the library will be updated regularly so that your content always dazzles. Have fun!
About the Author
Dr. Pooja Jaisingh
Pooja Jaisingh has worked for more than 12 years as a Teacher, Trainer, eLearning Instructional Designer and currently, as an eLearning Evangelist with Adobe Systems. Pooja's core strengths are communication and innovation. In all her roles, she has promoted eLearning as a mode of delivery and has created a host of eLearning courses. In her current role she conducts numerous seminars and workshops, educating training folks on the features of Adobe Systems' eLearning products. She regularly blogs, initiating creative discussions on multiple opportunities in eLearning. Pooja holds a Master's in Education and Economics and a Doctorate in Educational Technology.
Chapter List
Duration:  1 hours 39 minutes
By: John Angle
This type of procedural training (now do this - now do this - now do this....) gives me a headache. It's fine to demonstrate the actions involved in creating a product, but it would help a lot if some of the complex pieces were dissected first: Before zipping through a series of instrument panels (e.g., inspectors) and clicking as needed, try giving the learner a quick tour of each panel. Just show the panel, identify the sections within it, open the menu boxes, tell what everything does. Once the learner is familiar with controls, you can show the building of a product as you open and use each set of controls to demonstrate how they work.

By: C B
Interested to see what's new and how I might use it. Thanks for the summary. However, it was very difficult to absorb the content because of the heavy accent of the female narrator. Also, the volume of the introductory music was painfully loud in headphones, followed by a quiet narration level. For a showcase e-learning model, perhaps these items might be considered.

By: Ignacio Oyarzún
The narration is just annoying. I had to spent some time to ease myself before starting each video.

By: Marites Fahey
Great presentation! Excited about the new features. Thank you.

By: Peter Mayes
Currently evaluating Captivate. Very useful tutorials to get me going.

By: ellen leeper
The narration is very annoying. She has a heavy accent, is shouting, and uses a journalism type fake voice that drove me nuts. I decided to just go watch a You Tube video instead of enduring her.

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