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WordPress.com Essentials

Create an impressive blog on WordPress while learning the features and options of this popular blogging platform.

WordPress.com Essentials
About the Course
If you thought blogs were dead, think again!The 2013 State of Inbound Marketing report from HubSpot reveals that nearly 50% of businesses acquire customers from leads generated by their blogs - just behind Facebook and LinkedIn. Your blog could become the determining factor in a customer's decision to choose you over your competition. Blogging can help you market your business, establish yourself as a thought leader, get the word out about your causes, and make yourself more attractive to potential employers.This condensed and comprehensive course will get you up and running using WordPress.com to its full potential in no time. Business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, social media strategists, students, job seekers, and casual bloggers will all benefit from taking this course.Follow author, developer, and new media pioneer, Deltina Hay, as she walks you through the process of setting up and developing your WordPress blog in her typical no-nonsense teaching style. Using a real-world example from scratch, Deltina shows you hands-on how to:- Take full advantage of the many features and settings within the WordPress platform- Publish optimized blog posts with embedded links, images, video, and galleries- Utilize all the WordPress formatting options within your posts and pages- Choose the right theme for your blog, and customize it to your liking- Use posting formats to get the best exposure for your embedded media- Create static pages, custom menus, and populate your sidebars (columns) with widgets- Integrate your blog with your other social media accounts, create custom widgets, and implement other advanced features
About the Author
Deltina Hay
Deltina Hay is the author of three books on social media, the mobile web, and search optimization. She developed the graduate, social media certificate program for Drury University; and her first book, The Social Media Survival Guide, is used as a text in colleges and universities, worldwide. She has been programming or developing for the Web for over 30 years. Her graduate education includes computer science, applied mathematics, numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, nonlinear dynamics, and psychology. Deltina is a life-long learner who loves to share her diverse knowledge. Her teaching style has been described as straightforward, comprehensive, hands-on, and real-world. Her students refer to her as: a social media powerhouse, a social media guru, and even a social media Jedi.
Chapter List
Duration:  2 hours 9 minutes
By: Katherine McGowan
Thanks for the course. I've had my blog for a few months now and this lesson gave me some good ideas on how to improve it. I did already know a lot of topics in this course like posting but I did find most of the information very useful especially since I'm not a web designer and I don't really know how to do anything fancy. This made WordPress seem really easy to use. Most of the free tutorials that I've seen on WordPress are for business and since mine is a review blog it wasn't very helpful. I recommend this course if your not sure where to start with improving your blog or you want some advice on getting more followers.

By: D Hawkins
Thanks for the course. I really enjoy the coverage of topics. Deltina is very prepared for each lesson. Her quick coverage of the topics will enable me to start my WordPress site with a blog immediately after finishing this course. I will definitely recommend this course to others that are interested in learning WordPress.

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